Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

为什么要浪费时间寻找正确的营销渠道呢, 建立一个帐户,自己张贴 当你可以拥有AREA Texas Realty & Management do it for you? 通过升级你的手机,更快地找到租客 市场营销和广告策略及执行.

AREA Texas Realty & Management promotes your listing through the multiple listing service (MLS). 我们使申请上市和推广他们很容易:

Online Networking Ads:
  • HAR
  • Trulia
  • Realtor
  • Hotpads
  • Constant Contact
Search Engine Optimization:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Ask Jeeves
  • MSN
Social Media:
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Blogger
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Prospective tenants can fill out an online application through our website. 我们的物业管理团队可以轻松做到 开始筛选过程并快速填充财产. 我们的网站是强大的,所以我们可以无缝地接受 网上支付申请费、押金和房租.


Property Inspections

Property Inspections

Want to protect your investment? Make sure to inspect. 财产检查保护财产 from unforeseen consequences and standard property ownership issues.

每次我们都会收到维修请求, we use this as an opportunity to walk through the entire property to 确保没有损坏物品,并遵守租约条款. Area Texas Realty & Management 检查服务包括在您的租赁物业管理合同中,以确保租约条款得到履行 而且没有财产损失.

今天致电(713)972 -1222,预约免费物业管理方案,了解更多有关我们的物业检查服务.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

A property consistently filled with good tenants can be a goldmine. Our thorough screening processes and ongoing service ensure tenants are reliable and stay that way.

At AREA Texas Realty & 管理我们实现了一个非常彻底的房客尖叫过程,以避免坏房客. Bad tenants 租赁者可以毁掉你的财产, leave without paying, 并造成大量的头痛和费用.


屏幕所有新的租户应用程序- All potential tenants are required to fill out a rental application. 申请表必须完整填写. Driver’s license number, social security, date of birth, current and previous 地址,现在和以前的雇主,和推荐信都包括在申请中.

We Run a Credit Check– 所有租户都有信用调查. AREA Texas Realty & Management does not 建议您使用租户提供的信用报告, 因为他们有自己的最大利益,你也有自己的利益.

采访以前的房东和推荐人 作为物业经理,我们密切关注租户的需求 rental history. We contact at least two previous landlords and their references.

Verify Income– AREA Texas Realty & Management calls employer to verify income listed on application. 根据情况,我们可能会要求支票存根.

Make Ready

Make Ready

Clean & Crisp: Move-in ready is the kind of first impression you want to make. A perfect property attracts 完美的房客,让你的生活比以往任何时候都轻松. AREA Texas Realty & Management crafts make ready living spaces that will attract the tenants you want most.

The process varies and it might include some but not all of the following things:

  • Detailed Maid Service.
  • Touch-up painting.
  • Carpet steam cleaned.
  • 检查/维修/更换夹具/电器.
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Re-keying all locks.
  • Filter changes.
  • 检查或安装感烟探测器.
  • Utilities transferred either to Management Company or to new tenant.
  • 修复前房客造成的损坏.

Make ready services for your residential rental property in Houston, Texas

AREA Texas Realty & Management does not cut corners during the make-ready process. Be weary of manager who might cut corners your run the risk of attracting the wrong tenants, 空置时间延长或租金降低.

Our Philosophy: The better a property looks the better tenant you will attract.

Move-in / Move-out

Move-in / Move-out

Need help moving in new tenants? 我们的物业经理会准备租约,收取费用 the first full month’s rent and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. Our comprehensive 每一个住宅物业管理套餐都提供出租物业入住服务.

AREA Texas Realty & Management requires security deposit and first month’s rent prior to taking processing of the property.

Tenant Move-in Management

Leave the details to us. Area Texas Realty & 管理人员负责所有的搬迁细节 make sure your tenants are settled in and your investments are protected. Area Texas Realty & Management 物业经理将带领租户对物业进行初步的浏览,以解释任何功能 and how to use them. From demoing the dishwasher to answering questions about pool upkeep, our property managers will ensure the tenants are comfortable in their new home. 租户将配备任何 keys, remotes, or alarm codes they will need, and Area Texas Realty & 管理人员会定制设计 财产手册清楚容易地获取信息,概述适当的维护. The property manager 会带租客通过所有必要的文件来回答任何问题并作出预期 clear, while establishing a trusting relationship from the very beginning.

Tenant Move-Out Management

When transitioning between tenants, our property managers provide a smooth move-out. They will meet with 让房客们做最后的检查, where they can document the condition and prepare for the Make Ready process. 我们的工作人员将收集钥匙,并检查准确的联系信息和转发地址 办理押金退还手续. 如果任何押金必须用于维修以外 基本的磨损,德州地产 & 管理人员将负责所有扣款文件. Our professionalism and experience will ensure nothing is overlooked, 让你心平气和.

Call us today to request a free property management proposal at (713) 972-1222.



Area Texas keeps your property running smoothly with our 24/7 maintenance services. 我们大部分的维修是由我们公司内部处理的 maintenance department. 这样可以降低成本并保证质量. We also have an extensive network of vendors that offer preferred pricing to our owners.

老板们知道他们可以,就可以放心了 contact our contractors directly to inquire about project status.

  • 没有附加或增加费用的供应商发票
  • 通过我们的网站,方便的在线维护要求
  • Emergency repair request line
  • Easily accessible information available from any mobile device
  • Tenants can upload images of the problem which helps facilitate the repair.

AREA Texas Realty & Management can easily submit maintenance requests online via our website. We also provide tenants 有一条紧急维修请求线. 使用我们已经实现的技术跟踪修复请求,以便租户和员工 可以从任何移动设备访问信息. This means we resolve property maintenance issues faster and keep tenants happy! 今天致电(713)972-1222索取免费物业维修建议书.

Rent Collection

Rent Collection

No rent, no profit. Fortunately, Area Texas has streamlined the rent collection process for tenants and owners. We offer your tenants five easy ways to pay rent, allowing owners 以更快和更有效地收取租金,而不是在租金支付选择有限的情况下.

Once we receive the rent, we send you the deposits through a secure online rent payment system created with our partner, Chase Bank. Both you and your tenant benefit from such a quick and simple process.

当收集失败时,我们也会处理. 标准服务包括当我们安置时免费驱逐 the tenant. 如果租金未能在承租人的租赁协议中规定的到期日之前收到,我们将访问 您出租的物业,以张贴3天通知腾空. 然后给房客3天额外的时间 comply before our AREA Texas team files a petition to evict your tenant for you. All of these services come standard when you hire us to manage your rental property.

今天打电话给我们(713)972-1222了解更多大发体育app的收租服务和电子服务 业主保证金制度.



Area Texas Realty & Management gives owners accounting that ensures peace of mind. Owners 我们的会计技术能有效地管理他们的财产吗. Our software tracks everything and our accounting services are comprehensive.

AREA Texas Realty & Management knows the importance of collecting and dispersing funds. Our top priority is to provide the most outstanding service to our owners and residents. 这就是为什么我们使用最方便和高效的 财会物业管理软件, billing, and invoicing clients so you can get your rent on time without a hitch.

高级物业管理会计 & 德克萨斯州休斯顿的计费服务

以下是与AREA Texas Realty合作的一些优势 & Management:
  • 业主可以在任何时间和任何地点安全地访问有关其物业的信息.
  • Sensitive 数据安全地保存在最先进的数据中心中,并定期自动备份.
  • 每月的业主报表在网上交付. 易于阅读的业主声明可以通过我们方便的在线业主门户在线访问, saving you time and paper.
  • 所有者的文件是在线的,可以24/7访问. 我们方便地提供税务文件,租约,供应商发票和工作订单的副本.
  • 所有业主资金将不迟于本月10日通过直接存款方式发送. 如果在6号之前还没有收到资金,我们将立即通知业主并开始驱逐程序.

我们会管理你所有财产的会计,账单和发票,这样你就不用. Call us today at (713) 972-1222 or fill out our contact form today.

Our Technology

Our Technology

我们的技术使我们有别于竞争对手. 我们投资于先进技术 为您提供最优质的服务,并有效地管理您的物业. Our top priority is to provide the most outstanding service to our owners and residents.

以下是与AREA Texas Realty合作的一些优势 & Management:

We can respond faster and provide better service to both owners and tenants.
我们可以在任何时间和任何地方安全地访问有关所有属性的信息. Sensitive 数据安全地保存在最先进的数据中心中,并定期自动备份.

易于阅读的业主声明可以通过我们方便的在线业主门户在线访问, saving you time and paper.



我们已经与大通银行合作创建了一个系统,通过在线ACH简化所有者支付 (electronic payments). 这个系统允许业主更快地得到他们的付款.

租客有很多方式通过我们的网站付款:ACH / check / Credit Card / Fax

We create aggressive advertising ads to our extensive client database. The ads are designed by a 专业设计师,脱颖而出. 我们通过推广您的上市给其他房地产经纪人 多重上市服务(MLS),并通过har向公众.com and rentals.com.

潜在居民可以在线申请, 使它更容易吸引更多的潜在客户.
All vacancy postings include an option for the potential resident to apply online. We avoid all of the time 消耗与传统申请相关的文书工作,甚至可以更快地填补空缺.


Free Rental Analysis
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